A New Beginning Game

A New Beginning A New Beginning. From time to time we all get bored from our lives. No matter how our lives are, after a certain period of time we all need some changes. Someone looks for a new job, new clothes, new apartment or even a new girlfriend or a boyfriend and it seems that every change is good since it brings freshness in our lives and it restores our complete energy, helping us find new goals that wait to be achieved.

Martina also felt that she needs a change. Her life was OK but lately she felt like she was missing something so after certain period of thinking, she has decided to move into another place. Looking for a new and better life, Martina bought a new apartment in the center of the city. She believes that she will enjoy herself more living on her own and the first step that needs to be taken is to arrange the apartment according to her own taste. Since Martina doesn’t have so much money at the moment because she has spent a lot for the apartment, she decides to sell some of the valuable items from her last apartment and to use those money for buying new objects that will be set into the new apartment.

Before you start the game, know that this is a upgrade hidden object game. In every level you earn money and you use this money for buying things. at the beginning of the game you will see an empty screen and as you buy objects, you place them on the screen. At the end of the game, the screen will be completed with the objects.

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