A Land to Call Home Game

A Land to Call Home A Land to Call Home. America is the Promised Land for many people or at least they think like that before they move there while the proof if it is really true depends on the capacity of the person to handle those circumstances and really find his happiness. Many people every year leave their homes and their homelands all around the world, and come here believing that there is something better waiting for them.

Young Dorothy, together with her family, has just arrived in America. They bought a land and now they have to start building their home, full with hopes. This family also believes that this moving will be a great change and a chance for new beginning. They are not rich people, they have only few bucks savings which is definitely not enough but they have been thinking a lot about finding a way to earn some money.

Dorothy’s family thinks that the easiest way to earn some money is trade with the local population. They believe that they could sell some of their personal items in exchange for gold and use the gold for buying things that will help them build the house, like needed materials and tools. They really believe that this way they will have enough funds to fulfill their dreams and start the live they’ve been longing for. And as we may imagine, this would be a long journey since it asks for a lot of work so let’s help this cute family provide what has imagined.

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