A Job Interview

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A Job InterviewA Job Interview. Looking for a job may be difficult thing, especially if you are unemployed for a longer period of time, or maybe you were refused by few people, and you desperately need money, like we all do. Every new job interview makes us stress because we want that job so much, but we can’t know if we are the right person for that place for sure, or perhaps there is someone that has even more qualifications than we do… That’s why we feel that trill and nervous in our stomach, even before we leave our house, imagining how our interview will be, what should we say, how we should act, which are the magical words that will impress our employer, what to wear, and numerous similar questions…

Actually that is the base of today’s game, a job interview. The game follows the preparations that should be made when you are still at home, and when you are done with that, you take the concrete job interview, trying to make a perfect first impression. During this time you will look for some hidden objects related to the main theme of the game. The whole game is divided into 5 levels and in every level you get a list of 10 items that need to be found. Only by finding all of them, you can move into the next level and finish the whole game.

A Job Interview is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.