A Hobbit’s Tale

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Game Details

A Hobbit's TaleA Hobbit’s Tale. Many years ago, in the territory of the Middle-earth, there was a wonderful hobbit village, where all hobbits lived in peace and happiness. Young hobbit named Milo also lived in that village. One day Milo accidentally finds out in his house, some strange letter. By reading it, Milo finds out that it was written and left by his grandmother.

In that mysterious letter Milo’s Grammy reveals some strange things about the history of the village and talks about some magical medallion that has kept the village safe, many, many years ago. As the letter says, the evil forces of Gaberton wanted to attack the village and conquer it, but with this medallion the village becomes invisible so the evil Gaberton could not see the village. That also means the he could not attack the village. Since he has learned about this, Milo can’t ignore the responsibility of this knowledge so he has to find that medallion again and protect the village from evil Gaberton.

Young Milo surely needs your help to achieve his quest because there is a lot of work that needs to be done, a huge territory that needs to be explored in order to find that medallion. The game is divided into 7 levels and each level is a different part of the territory of the village and around the village. For each level you get a list of 10 items that are hidden there and need to be found in order to complete the level, and finally find the medallion.

A Hobbit’s Tale is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.