A Highlander’s Destiny Game

A Highlander's DestinyA Highlander’s Destiny. The legends about the Highlanders explain that a ‘Highlander’ is actually a person immune to disease. That also stops aging, all of that after becoming Immortal. Highlanders can live forever and die only when they are beheaded. The legends also say that there were generations of Highlanders. But their trace was lost last years so there are only those legends and nothing more. Also there isn’t any explanation about their existence, except the pure fact that they are immortals…

Heather always knew that she was the granddaughter of the last known Highlander. She always wondered what does it mean, does it have certain influence on her, and could she be immortal as well?! Looking for answers of these questions, Heather arrived at the village where her grandfather lived. That was the place where the most famous Highlanders lived. A village with a great tradition but the time has done its job so now it is difficult to find a trace of the real Highlanders. Heather likes to explore what has happen to this community of extraordinary people. Walking through the village and looking for something that could explained her what has happen and why the Highlanders have lost any trace.

Let’s take a look and see what has happen with the Highlanders, learning something more about them.

A Highlander’s Destiny is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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