A Good day for Cooking Game

A Good day for Cooking A Good day for Cooking. ‘If you ask someone like me which day is best for cooking, I would say everyday but the circumstances are as they are so they don’t allow me to have enough time for nothing, including cooking. Perhaps the working day lasts for eight hours but my job doesn’t allow me to leave my work after those eight hours since I should be always available and do some additional work if it’s needed. This sounds quite hard and demanding but the truth is that I really love my job and that is the thing that motivates me to spend so many hours working, even if my private life holds on standby…’

That is the story of our main character for today’s game. As mentioned before, today is the day for cooking, since our character has some free time, finally. And before you start cooking, you should always get the ingredients and the tools needed for making that recipe, and actually that is the basis of this game. Each level could be taken as a different recipe so you look for different things needed for making that recipe, but also you look for the things that will help you make that recipes like knives, spoons, forks.

The action is located in the kitchen and there are so many objects there, so you better concentrate better to find the needed ones.

A Good day for Cooking is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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