A Forgotten Past Game

A Forgotten Past A Forgotten Past. The basements are definitely one of the smartest inventions ever. All of us know to forget about the size of the apartment and start getting so many things and objects that our apartment becomes so small that it can’t fit all those things… That’s why the basements are always a great solution – for those objects, for some things that can’t be kept at the house, for old objects and so on.

Ms. Katherine has been putting her unnecessary things in the basement for so many years and the thing is that she was putting the things there without even arranging then on the right place and without noticing that those objects are too much for that space… However, after many years Ms. Katherine decides that it is time to go down into her basement and clean it up from the unnecessary things that are scattered around the place.

In the basement Ms. Katherine finds out some objects from her past that bring her few years back and bring her numerous memories of one wonderful period of her life. Katherine starts remembering of some events from her life that she has already forgotten and the feeling is good. She decides to make a better order of the things and clean up everything that is unwanted in order to have enough space for the objects that help recall the memories of some beautiful moments of our lives.

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