A Dream Called Halloween Game

A Dream Called Halloween A Dream Called Halloween. Devil’s Night is a name related with October 30, the night before Halloween. This night seems to correspond with minor vandalism, actually the ‘trick’ in trick-or-treat, that manifests usually with smashing pumpkins, egging cars, and toilet-papering houses, but everything in the limits of normal. This night has the name devil’s night but there is not any dreadful meaning related to that name, but for young Annabelle, this is a very strange night indeed.

Annabelle is having an odd dream tonight. In her dream she finds herself in one old and very scary house. To be much odder, she is welcomed by a very peculiar host ? the ghost that appears on Halloween, known as Pale Rose. Pale Rose needs some help because she is stacked in this scary house and she can’t escape from there. It seems like some terrible ghosts are keeping her captured in that house and she doesn’t have the power to escape from there. This is a very unusual situation for Annabelle too, she feels very helpless because she hasn’t experienced something like this before so she doesn’t know what to do.

She is very scared but at the same time she is concerned about Pale Rose so she has to figure out something. Also she feels like she can’t escape from the dream too, so she would need some help from you, if you could help her find the way out from the both situations. Let’s see together what’s going on in the house and help those two girls find their peace.

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