5 Cleaning Tips Game

5 Cleaning Tips 5 Cleaning Tips. OK, long-time housewives could be full of vanity when it comes about doing their home job. The ones that work only at home have usually made their own cleaning system, according to their experience, so they know best what should be done first, in order to save time and have best outcome from that. But hearing some tip from time to time could be really helpful since sometimes the routine could overpower us and make us not see some important issues. This game is also here for that reason, to help us be more effective in our cleaning. Are you prepared to hear something useful? Let’s start.

As the title of this game says, it is about a game that includes five helpful cleaning tips. The game actually has five levels and before each level you get a text with some important cleaning tip, how can you clean up your apartment faster and easier. This tip can be used on the level that comes after the text since you will be solving a hidden object scene next. Once you are done with the scene, it is time for the next tip and then the next scene and so on, until you complete the whole game. People say that we learn best when we combine learning and playing so this game should be definitely helpful.

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