15 Missing Pieces Game

15 Missing Pieces 15 Missing Pieces. No, this evening is not a regular evening live every other since Nicole and her husband are going on a really fancy dinner. Nicole has been waiting for this dinner with huge excitement so she likes to look perfect for the occasion. She has selected what to wear few days ago, to avoid being in rush this day, so now it’s time simply to dress up and go at the restaurant but unexpected things happen all the time… just when Nicole and her husband were all dressed up, ready to leave the home, her pearl necklace tears apart and all 15 pearls spread all around the apartment.

It is about a very expensive necklace but also a really dear gift, her husband gave it to her for their anniversary, and Nicole doesn’t even like to imagine being without it. The time is running out but now it is not so important to be on that fancy dinner right on time, they have to find the pearls first.

The search is located on different places around the house so make sure that you help Nicole find the necklace. Move from one level to another by finding all hidden objects and we hope that you’ll get to the end of the game and find the whole necklace.

15 Missing Pieces is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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