15 Missing Letters Game

15 Missing Letters 15 Missing Letters. There are two options when something is missing – the owner of that thing was too distracted so he lost it or leave it somewhere, or someone stole it. Both situations ask for an effort since you should look for the missing object and in case that you didn’t find it, you know that it is on some other place or in someone else’s hands…

And if it was about something really valuable, then we lose some nerves and so one, but in the following game, as with every other our game, the missing objects are included in a constructive manner since they will help you train and improve your observational skills.

In the following game it is about letters, missing letters. There are 15 letters in total and somehow they are lost in the rooms of the house and no one could find them. The task of this game is simple since it is about a regular hidden object game. Those 15 letters are somewhere in the rooms of the house and you should explore carefully each room, in order to find the missing letters. Always take care about the details and try not to miss a spot because maybe in that particular spot is the wanted letter.

Play 15 Missing Letters Game