Unlock the Mystery Game

Unlock the Mystery Unlock the Mystery. Probably most of us act naive when we hear that someone is an investigator they have so exciting life, full of thrill, but we usually forget about all those side things that actually follow this profession. Sidny ONeal is a detective. After many days of hard work, he has decided to take his family on a vacation in some quiet village. Everything was great except that late call that woke up Sindy. There was a murder near to the same village so Sindy has to be at the place of the crime scene before the reporters. That sounds as an end of the vacation! Before you start, check out the instructions for short. You’ll be working with your mouse (or you may use the touchpad from the laptop). When you detect some of the objects, simply point at it with the mouse (finger) and click. Since you know what your job is, you may start with the investigation officer.

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