Truth Unmasked

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Game Details

Truth UnmaskedTruth Unmasked. If you are a fan of criminalistics literature or movies, we are sure you are going to enjoy today’s game. Like in the movies where smart detectives chase criminals, drug or weapon smugglers, you are going to deal with very intelligent lady detective that wants to fight the criminal. It takes big courage to put yourself into great experience of entering the criminal minds and fight with them. Easy money come the only the criminal way. Actually, maybe those money aren’t so easy, because a man needs to be with unclear consciousness and don’t sleep well at night. That isn’t an easy thing, isn’t it? And for a woman that wants to fight those tycoons and villains that is not an easy thing to choose. You will stand pressure, threads for you and your family, but if that is the job you enjoy doing, you will support anything.

Truth Unmasked. Our hero for today is detective Donna. She has put herself into an undercover mission in the villa of the famous tycoon Alfred. She didn’t want to let her male fellow workers to handle this job because she was sure that she would do it more professionally. She is here because Alfred has been suspected for narcotics trafficking and illegal production of pharmaceuticals and their spreading on the black market. Alfred organizes expensive party under masks. Donna has been dressed right for the occasion so no one would notice her.

She needs to explore each angle of the villa and to find proves of the illegal work of Alfred and his quick enrichment that endangered life of millions of inhabitants of the Planet Earth. That is quiet a mission, don’t you think? You would surely want to participate in it.