Three Sisters Game

Three Sisters Three Sisters. Let’s warn you first that this won’t be a simple story. It’s not something that complicated but the situation of this three girls is definitely not easy. Because they found themselves in something extraordinary that doesn’t happen to people often. It was everything just fine. The Lewis sisters decided to take their holiday and visit the famous Santa Barbara resort as their summer destination. They have heard so many nice things about this place about the great location, about the excellent accommodation… they’ve looked some pictures from it and they’ve made their choice. And they didn’t make a mistake because everything was just as they thought it would be, except one thing… They went there to take a rest but instead of rest, Deborah, Shirley and Brenda experienced something that no one would like to be a part of…

Soon when they arrived at Santa Barbara, free from the everyday responsibilities and all the tension. The Lewis sisters met a nice gentleman, the rich businessman Frank. Being that easygoing perhaps wasn’t their main characteristic, but this is a holiday so they could afford themselves a little adventure. Considering like this, Deborah, Shirley and Brenda decided to sail away from the port with Frank’s yacht. Without even thinking that some kind of a tragedy could actually happen. During the cruise, believe it or not, Frank suddenly dies!

The girls report the case to the police but since there was no one on the yacht except the three sisters at the moment of death. It means that they are the only suspects until it is proved if that was a murder or an accident. The investigation begins and we have to admit that sisters’ holiday has turned into a real nightmare.

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