Thieves Society

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Thieves SocietyThieves Society. All the families have precious objects, stuff that are keeping in generations, and are giving from one to another. And when someone tries to take something very valuable from your own yard and house, than you get nervous and frustrated. And who wouldn’t be, when something close to your heart is endangered by some bad person and taken away from you. One would fight to return at his or her home. Peaceful places, small villages or towns are preferable for living, just because they give you comfort, you are not afraid to let your children play outside with friends or in your own backyard, like it happens in the big cities, when unless you don’t accompany them. Big cities are not so safe and we need to open sixteen eyes to keep an eye on our darlings.

And now, imagine, you live in a small peaceful town your whole life, and there comes a day when someone too free enters your home and takes your personal stuffs and belongings. Croydon is a city where almost an year organized robberies are happening in the peaceful parts of the city. The habitants are worried and live in fear. Almost every second day some Croydon’s house is being demolished and robed.

Our detectives at the moment are in the house of mister Rowan, where the thieves were the previous night. A lot of things have being stolen that are part of the family history. The police have to find the thieves and once for all to be put end of this fear. They started their thoroughgoing investigation to solve the big problem the Croydon people have and bring their peaceful life again in their homes and neighborhoods. It is a nice mission, don’t you think? Be part of it!

Thieves Society is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.