Thief on a Train Game

Thief on a Train Thief on a Train. Like in those Sherlock Holmes movies, there is always a thief on the train! And the celebrated detective seems to know who the thief from the start is but he doesn’t run forward with telling before he is 100 percent sure. And as you know, Sherlock Holmes does a very detailed investigation, exploring every corner of the crime scene or the possible crime scene, trying to relate things somehow. Also he approaches to every person that is somehow involved in the crime, spontaneously asking him/her questions, and looking for some answers that will be a good trace for solving the case. Well that will be your job in the following game because there is a thief on the train!

It was just a nice ride when someone in the train noticed that he doesn’t have some valuable things that he was having with himself. That was call for waking up for most of the passengers who realized that some of their belongings are missing too. The train has to be stopped and the investigation has to start immediately because the thief may somehow get away. Lets start our search!

Thief on a Train is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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