Theft in Manhattan Game

Theft in Manhattan Theft in Manhattan. Well, Manhattan is considered to be very safe in general, for some people even the safest place, located in the safest city in the world. People that live there or just stayed there, consider it as the safest part of New York, of course, if you are not joining some groups of strange people, or act naive in some situations. And the Collins family thought that and believed that are completely safe living at Fulton Street in Manhattan until one day their house was robbed.

Right away they called the police and Detective Bennett who is in charge of the case, came in their house as soon as he could. The objects that are missing belong to the Collins family and part of those missing items are some private documents that are very important to the family. The Collins thought that those documents are on a safe place but it seems that the robbers were smart enough to find them or they already knew where they were…

Detective Bennett explored the whole place, looking for some evidences and he found a footprint that leads to the back alley. He decides to follow the trail to see where this trace might lead him, and if there is a chance to find something useful for solving the case. Actually all traces lead to a house in McClellan Street. Maybe in this house the detective will found all of the stolen items, and maybe even some of the thieves. Is it about one thief or maybe this robbery is an act of a well organized criminal group?!

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