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The Unusual Suspect


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The Unusual SuspectThe Unusual Suspect. OK, all of us have seen numerous criminal movies or read criminal books so we all know how it goes when it comes about suspects. They are usually some people that are asocial, live alone and have some unusual live, strange habits and everything, act little bit cold for their surroundings. They are usually very intelligent but they direct their intelligence to bad things, usually hiding their crimes… But this happening talks about something completely different, that even someone who is a total opposite to this profile could be a criminal as well.

There has been a robbery in one weekend house. The owners of the house that visit this place very often, were really surprised by what happen. They always thought that this place is quite safe and they weren’t scared from a possible crime but it really happened. They called the police and so the police are starting their investigation, carefully reviewing the place and collecting evidences. They have to have everything in mind and pay attention to every tiny detail because the truth usually lays in them. One evidence by evidence – the picture of the culprit becomes clearer and everyone will be surprised by the result of this investigation. Namely, no one expected that the profile of the robber will lead to the best friend of the owner of the house?!

This is quite a shock for everyone because no one could predict or expect that but everything leads to him! They all wonder how he could dare to do something like that!? Let’s see the further investigation and check out how would they solve the situation.