The Third Man Game

The Third Man The Third Man. There has been a robbery in the house of the Walkers’. When they weren’t at home, some daring thieves have stolen a great piece of their jewelry. The Walkers’ were quite scared from the happening so they called the police immediately and luckily they managed to catch the thieves very fast. However, they found two thieves that could possibly be responsible for the robbery but they couldn’t find the jewelry.

Also the police are not that sure that they were only two because the jewelry is missing and probably there is someone that has taken care of that, so there won’t be any evidences that the two thieves are guilty as well. That’s why the members of the police have decided that they have to explore the scene once again and look for some new evidences at the place and around it that will lead them to the third man, of course if there is one and if he really has the precious jewelries.

Actually the aim of the game is to collect all pieces of a broken vase. Every level hides one piece of this vase and you can pass the level only if you find that piece. When you have all pieces, it is time to solve the last level which is actually a puzzle and only by composing the puzzle you can collect the evidences from it. The evidences from the vase will tell you who the third man in this robbery is. Let’s hope that you will catch the thieves.

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