The Thief of Florence Game

The Thief of Florence The Thief of Florence. Maybe it is not about clear money and cash but art pieces are also very valuable. They keep the most important objects of the history of art, pieces that have marked someone’s art creativity and that’s why there are really important. On the other hand, that’s why the museums are secured so well. The authorities invest a lot in securing those places by installing complete systems for protection and engaging professionals to guard those places. However, sometimes those assets may not be enough and the criminals manage to find their own way to perform the crime.

Francesca is a detective in the Italian police. She has received a call from the national museum in Florence about a robbery. Namely, this morning the persons who work in the museum have realized that one of the rarest and most valuable paintings in the museum have been stolen. This is a really big robbery, something that hasn’t happen in the museum before.

Francesca arrives at the museum and she starts her investigation assuming that it is about real professionals. However, very soon she realizes that this robbery didn’t go exactly according to the plan. It seemed like something or someone has stopped the thieves in their work. Maybe it is about their own clumsiness, but this surely offers an opportunity for finding certain evidences. These evidences will help Francesca find the thieves and solve the whole mystery.

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