The Stolen Violin Game

The Stolen ViolinThe Stolen Violin. The Stradivarius violins are probably the most famous violins in the world. Those violins differ from other instruments by the quality of the sound they produce and the fact that they are so old. Which makes them even better and that is why they all keep high price on the market for so many years.

It is interesting that during all those years, people have tried so many times to make a string instrument that would sound even similar to Stradivarius. But that is very hard to achieve and therefore all the stories about the secrets of the great Antonio Stradivari. Unfortunately one of those precious violins, old about 300 years, has been stolen.

The police does not know the person who stole it so they provide a huge and important investigation, including one of the best detectives in it, to deal with this case. It seems that this case will be little bit harder because every thing points to the fact that the violins has been stolen by professionals that are trained really well for stealing artifacts.

As professionals, they are known for the fact that they doesn’t leave any trace after them so it would be hard for the police to find a starting point and actually start the whole operation. They would probably need some help from you so let’s solve the case together.

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