The Stolen Diary Game

The Stolen Diary The Stolen Diary. Perhaps all people can’t do this activity but there are many people that write their own diary. In this case it is not important if the person has a writing talent since diaries are place where people could open up their souls and write how they feel in a particular moment, without thinking if someone’s going to judge them for that. That it something like thinking, just that the words get their written form in that piece of paper and they are not intended to be read by someone.

And that’s what was leading countess Margaret when she was writing her diary. She wrote all her thoughts there, without faking about anything, but besides her own deepest thoughts and secrets, she wrote something about the secrets of her family too, some things that she simply couldn’t keep locked inside her for long. That’s why there was so much noise when someone stole Margaret’s diary. That meant that someone is reading all secrets of her family so their reputation could be ruined in instance! That’s why the countess’s family hires very good private detective, to take the case in his hands and find the culprit before it becomes too late.

If one man out of the noble family knows that they have some dirty secrets, it is very easy to spread those secrets in public and that would turn into a big trouble… Take part in this investigation and see what is it about.

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