The Spy Photos Game

The Spy Photos The Spy Photos. Being a spy is not an easy job, that’s for sure. We may say that it sounds exciting to spend hours and days chasing some bad guys, just like the super agent James Bond but at the same time that is also very risky job, no one could predict the actions and could not know what those bad guys are able to do next since you are dealing with very dangerous people.

Young Claris is actually a spy that works in the intelligence agency. She might be young but she has many successful missions behind her so now she is sent on a mission that includes finding one of the greatest narco bosses in the country. Actually she has to sneak into the apartment of this man and explore in details what is he hiding in his home. Claris finishes her job good, she has managed to explore the house very well and take some good pictures from every corner. However, she has to leave the apartment very fast because the narco boss may come back. The next part of this mission will continue on some safer place where Claris will review those pictures taken by her digital camera. Thanks to the latest technologies, those spy photos will be able to reveal numerous details that could be very important for the investigation.

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