The Secret Lab Game

The Secret Lab The Secret Lab. Melanie is a chemical technician and she works in a secret laboratory. When she read the commercial about the working post. She didn’t know exactly what kind of laboratory they were talking about. The laboratory actually was dealing with illegal examinations and their point is to create chemical weapon. It sounds terrifying, knowing how devastating and destructive the chemical weapon could be.

But, after she found out the truth about her job. She doesn’t want to work in such a laboratory and wants to reveal the world that that laboratory is actually the place where experiments are done and they, off course, are not good for the mankind. Not only they are not good for the people and the future of mankind. But it is a big threat to the future generations. Today, Melanie is for the first time all alone in the secret laboratory. And wants to gather as much evidences possible, so she could go to the police and declare the truth about the laboratory.

Melanie is very decent person. She has been studying very hard to be a good physician, she loves this science since she was in high school. She has been raising in a good family that thought her to be a good person, to be honest and decent in what she is doing. Not to enter criminal actions and to earn the best she can her bread. These days, when she was having a bad time because of the truth she found out. She thought of her parents and all the advices she got from them. She is laughing inside herself, because she is aware that they were so much right and that she has to listen to that voice. That tells her that her decision to say the truth about the laboratory is totally correct. So help her collect all the evidence needed.

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