The Poisoners Notes

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The Poisoners NotesThe Poisoners Notes. Joe knows his job very well, he has been doing it successfully for a long time, but this thing that happened was something completely out of his control, or at least it looked like that. Namely, there has been an accident in the mechanic workshop – one of Joe’s employees has been found dead this morning so he likes to deal with the case, finding out as soon as possible what has happen there.

We are working with the professionals on the case so our task is to investigate what has actually happen. The whole team is at the crime scene, so we will start with the place where the death has happen. It is very important to collect all the evidences and find out if there is some trace that could lead us to something that could help us figure out what has actually happen.

The other employees are also at the crime scene and the fact that something horrible has happen in their work place, makes them feel very much upset. Very soon, it was also revealed that actually the chances that it is about an accident are so minor, and as a matter of fact it is about a murder! Our forensics are afraid that it is about a case of poisoning, but it would be fair enough to wait just a little bit and explore the evidences more in details, in the library, before they start claiming something for sure.