The Notorious Hacienda

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Game Details

The Notorious HaciendaThe Notorious Hacienda. Dolores is a very good cop. She works her job really well and she likes to bring justice every time. It’s not just a working position for her, it’s more like a big passion that is putting her in all those dangerous situations. Willing to catch even the worse criminals. Her biggest wish is to get a promotion because she sees herself as a great detective in the future. Continuing to work that hard but also being a leader of those well prepared teams that work on the cases.

The hacienda Estramadura is one of those notorious places known by the numerous criminal actions that take place there. Actually it is about one of the most visited places by the famous drug barons. Supposedly used as their place for vacation while who knows what wicked plans they make there since there is always something suspicious going on there. Dolores is sent on duty exactly in that hacienda. She is sent after a report of a found dead body. It was a body of one of those famous drug bosses. Which means that it is about a very serious case that could open up numerous relations and other possible crimes.

This is a first case for Dolores that is that complicated and that’s why she is first at the place of the crime scene. She has to search the terrain, looking for the crucial evidences that will help in solving the case. She also likes to find as many as possible evidences. Following the traces left by the criminals because she believes that is she manages to solve the case before the detectives, she could become a detective too. She considers that this case could be her stepping stone, a stair that could help her get closer to her greatest dreams, the so desired promotion.

The Notorious Hacienda is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.