The Mysterious Visitor Game

The Mysterious Visitor The Mysterious Visitor. The action of this game takes place in one pretty poor suburb where the working class lives. It is a quiet neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and they live quite happily and calm. That’s why they were all very surprised when they hear about the disappearing of an older lady.

Most of the people that live there know this lady so they could not realize how is it possible for her to leave without saying anything. There are numerous assumptions about what has happened to her. Some say that she could be murdered, others that she has run away somewhere while someone believes that he saw her the day before she disappeared. He actually saw a middle-aged gentleman visiting her that day. After she disappeared, her neighbors hired a detective to search the case and discover something more about that mysterious visitor or just about the missing lady.

You could also take part in this game by searching for some clues that could help you solve the whole mystery around the missing lady. Every clue is important because it is a trace that could lead you to something important and the details are the point where all main evidences are hidden.

The Mysterious Visitor is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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