The Moon Diamond Game

The Moon Diamond The Moon Diamond. There are numerous stories about the moon diamond, if it really exists and who owns it. Some people believe that it is just about a rumor and it’s about a forgery created around some diamond without a big value but perhaps it’s not like that…

A man has reported to the police that the precious and high valued rare moon diamond is stolen, so the police have to start an investigation in order to find it. The officers have searched the whole region and they couldn’t find anything related to that diamond or the possible robbers except the clues that lead them to one abandoned house near the lake. No one knows whose house is that or if someone lives there, but they have to enter there and explore it in details, in order to find the diamond or some more reliable evidence about the robbers.

You will work as a real detective and search through the house, taking care of every possible detail in order to fins the precious object. This task could be quite challenging to try to follow the police and see what is happening there without fear.

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