The Main Clue Game

The Main Clue The Main Clue. Collecting clues is inevitable part of every investigation. Actually those clues and details will lead you to the final conclusion. But only if you follow them carefully and always follow the truth, not some unfounded suspicions or prejudice, as it could be sometimes. An opposite reaction of all that could be wrongfully accused people and probably losing some friends as well.

In our game there has been a robbery. The robbery has happened in Jenifer’s apartment and now the police are there to investigate the case. Jenifer lives alone and it has been determined that some things are missing from there. The biggest part of her precious jewelry. Jenifer has talked to the police about the robbery, to direct them if she knows who could be the possible suspect. She doesn’t have a clue about it, but still she has some suspicion – is it her relative Roy, is it the house made or her neighbor Brenda?! She has to be careful because she doesn’t know for sure, just that her intuition is leading her in that way. But that is not some reliable clue to accuse someone of something, especially something serious as this robbery.

We know that you are curious about detecting who is the culprit, so you are free to take part in the investigation and collect some evidences together with Jenifer and the police.

The Main Clue is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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