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The Long Bright Dark


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The Long Bright DarkThe Long Bright Dark. Alaska is a region which promises a bunch of adventures on an everyday level bearing in mind that Alaska itself is a mash of differences. It is a perfect combination of modern life. Undisturbed nature and wilderness and climate with characteristics which regularly create phenomena perceived as different kinds of wonders of nature. Moving to Alaska may be a serious problem for someone who is used to living in a different climate zone than the one which implies long unremitting and continual nights. There is a great risk that the newcomer may suffer greatly on emotional and psychological level. Because it takes time for someone to get used to not seeing and experiencing sun light.

The Long Bright Dark. One such comer to Alaska who has an intention to stay for a longer period and cope with the climate differences. While delivering best results in doing his job is our player the detective Lars. Detective Lars has been a renown detective who has solved one of the greatest mysterious cases in the country. His reputation has led him to the new case he is about to begin to work on.

Detective Lars has been called by Kevin’s family in the small town of Darnwill. Kevin is a young boy who has been mysteriously murdered and the fact that for a whole year nobody has discovered anything about his murder has made his family frustrated and agitated. To cope with their grief they need to know what had happened to their son. And that is why they decide to call the detective Lars to solve the case of their son’s murder. Detective Lars’s mission is to talk to most of the people somehow related to Kevin, beginning with his family. And bring a solution of the case which will bring peace to Kevin’s family and his loved ones.