The Locked Room

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Game Details

The Locked RoomThe Locked Room. Well detective, after solving the case that gave you a badge of honor, it is time to move on into the next episode of the serial Crime Reports. Once again you will work together with a real professional detective, solving a new case that will open up new aspects that need to be seen, steps that need to be taken, in order to solve the case and have another successful story behind you.

In this exciting episode Mr. Harrison calls to report the mysterious disappearance of his wife, that is the main plot of the story. You are at the place in a role of a partner of one of the detectives. As every other detective, you have to cooperate with the other detectives from the team, and do what they say, as soon as possible, in order to get their trust. Everything starts with a routine check of the Harrison’s house. Since the last known place where Mr. Harrison’s wife is the house, the place has to be explored in details because something could tell us where she went, what she did.

They are checking every room of the house, until in one moment they realize that one room is actually locked. Even Mr. Harrison is not aware of that room, so the police ask the room to be open. The police team find in this room some personal stuff of Mr. Harrison’s wife including her diary, another evidence that will give different flow to the case because suddenly Mr. Harrison becomes the main suspect for the case.