The Legacy Hotel Game

The Legacy Hotel The Legacy Hotel. Can you help the truth escape! A body has been found at the Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans. The victim is the oldest son. The hotel has been managed by the Miller family for generations. It is one of the oldest and best rated hotels in the town. A week ago the old Miller decided to leave the legacy to his four children. He has three sons and a daughter, aged from early 20s to late 30s. They all agreed to fulfill the desire of their father and to preserve tradition.

But exactly after one week of their management the oldest son was found dead in one of the rooms on the second floor around 6:15 pm. The owner was known for his professionalism but running a hotel is a hard work and sometimes some of the guests or the staff might get unsatisfied. However the killer is still unknown.

The Legacy Hotel. The Police and the detectives have arrived on the crime scene. They had been collecting evidence for the investigation, however they need your help to resolve the murder. This case with contradictory facts is too complex for the Police to solve, so now it’s up to you to undertake a murder investigation inquiry to find out who murdered the old Miller and why by obtaining and solving clues. You have to finish the detective’s work, manage a team of experts (detectives and forensics), search for hidden objects and combine the clues, then send the evidence to Police. Let the truth escape!

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