The Invisible Menace Game

The Invisible Menace The Invisible Menace. Common people don’t see many things that happen around them. Because sometimes there is a need to use special instruments and those instruments are very complicated and reachable just for the professionals. For example, in the national observatory the scientists observe the universe with very professional telescopes and other even more sophisticated devices. That’s how they could see what happens on those locations that are so far and can’t be seen with bare eyes.

Joe’s profession is being a policeman. One day his boss gets a strange call from the national observatory. Informing him that the whole team of scientists has left the observatory being scared from a possible apocalyptic attack. Joe is sent at the place with intention to explore all the evidences. And check out who threatened the scientists to leave the building just like that.

What was that big that urged the scientists and scared them so much, that they left the place in panics? Even though it seemed that everything is left without any evidences and traces. Joe found out so many surprising information collected by the scientists from the observations of the universe that he also realized that something strange is happening. That information seemed to be an explanation of the situation. Let’s see together if there is place for panic.

The Invisible Menace is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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