The Hostile Clinic Game

The Hostile Clinic The Hostile Clinic. Usually the clinics are safe places, places where we go when we have some problems with our health and the doctors are people that should help us, that is their primary duty, the reason why they’ve chosen to do this job. But it seems that it hasn’t had to be like that… at least that is the case whit this hostile clinic… This clinic is located in the periphery part of the city.

The thing is that this clinic leads by the number of accidents, there is always something wrong in this clinic. On the other hand, there is never an explanation for the things that have happen there so everything stays just a mystery, hidden with numerous secrets. It also happened often, the patients to run away from the clinic, saying that there are certain paranormal activities happening there. It sounds strange but after many cases like this, it seems that it is truth, there is really something strange going on.

Pamela is a private detective. She is really good in her job and she has solved numerous cases before. Now she is send by one very rich client, to explore what is going on in the clinic. This will be a pretty hard investigation because no one could figure out what is going on before but Pamela is very dedicated person so perhaps the mysteries related to the hostile clinic will be finally solved. Let’s help Pamela solve the case and discover what is making the patients run away from the clinic.

The Hostile Clinic is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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