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The Great Heist


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The Great HeistThe Great Heist. In case that you are not familiar with this term, a heist is actually a robbery from an institution for example a bank or a museum, or any kind of robbery in which there is a large haul of loot. Well this game talks about the greatest heist in the present, and that is the heist of the Central Bank. Detective Hanks is called to solve this huge robbery and even if he is quite experience detective, he is thrilled by the big challenge that is open in front of him, waiting to be solved as soon as possible.

Criminals may do bad things but in many cases we are talking about the most intelligent people worldwide since it is quite often their plan for robbery to be that good organized, so that the police could not solve it for many years, sometimes even never. Hanks worries about this particular case because it is so skillfully performed that the robbers managed to render the best security system in the world and freeze the cameras for exactly half an hour during the duration of the robbery. Also the robbers managed not to leave any trace or fingerprint at the crime scene which makes the case even harder because the detective Hanks has to work by his intuition and trust that in every well conceived plan, there is always a chance for a certain detail that will appear sooner or later and help solve the whole case.

Detective Hanks is searching very carefully because he reutilizes that it is about real professionals that didn’t leave anything by chance. Let’s take a look at the crime scene and help the detective finish his job faster.