The Golden Mask Game

The Golden Mask There are many legends related to this topic and this golden mask, or maybe they were many, is very precious thing. The mask is from gold but also it is believed that it dates from the Egyptian period which means that is very ancient and its historical value is priceless. Many art historians look for those masks but also there are illegal diggers and traders who are greed for money and they are not thrilled by the fact that for example this artifact could open up many aspects of the world history.

It is believed that it was someone of those illegal traders who has hired a professional thief to steal this really precious golden mask that belongs to the Theater Museum. Detective Steven has been hired to solve this important case and find the criminal. All night detective Steven was looking around, searching for some important clues that could be a useful trace for finding the criminal but it seem as he was very neat in his acts so he didn’t leave anything behind.

However, this impression didn’t lasted for so long since detective Steven soon finds the mask in a basket full of theater props. It seems like the task was there all the time, just not on the right place. The thief was willing to steal it but probably someone came up and prevented his idea so the mask is still here. Hm, suspicious things are going on there. Let’s check out the situation together and maybe we will reveal something more about the steal of the golden mask.

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