Texas Treasure

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Texas TreasureTexas Treasure. Once again, we are in the Wild West and many things are happening there as usual since we are dealing with cowboys, Indians, courtesans, gunsels, criminals of all kinds… Again the fortune of the whole place lies in the hands of a mighty sheriff, this time the sheriff Macgregor. This man is in charge for the Texas region and he has been doing his job responsibly for many years behind, doesn’t letting the criminals take over the place, and there were so many attempts…

In this game the sheriff Macgregor is on a new mission. He has been called about some criminal act that has happen in the city. The thing is that the robbers have managed to enter into the main safety vault in the biggest bank in whole Texas, the place where are kept the biggest reserves of gold in whole America. As a matter of fact this would be the greatest robbery of all times, since the amounts of stolen gold are enormous. Macgregor is wondering how it is even possible, because this bank was so well kept, with greatest equipment and the best people securing it.

That’s why Macgregor believes that the robbers had some kind of connection with someone that works in the bank, someone who knows exactly how the things work so they took some help from him. There’s nothing else to be done by the sheriff except to follow the traces that the robbers have left behind and detect enough evidences in order to find where did they put the gold, where did they hide it.