Sunken Truths Game

Sunken Truths Sunken Truths. There are numerous cases worldwide about missing children and it is quite sure that those cases hurt most. No matter if you knew the child or not, the pictures of them hanging in the police stations or seem in the media, that ask for certain information someone could give about those missing children, makes you shiver and feel an unpleasant feeling that passes through your body. And just imagine how hard it is for the parents of those missing children… well yes, no one from us even likes to imagine…

That was a terrible happening that shake up the citizens five years ago, and especially the Lamper family. They had two sons but one day one of the sons suddenly disappeared, while he was riding his bike around the city harbor. His parents still can’t go through this happening, always feeling terrible sorrow. After 2 years of the child’s disappearance, the Lampers’ have lost their other son and again the terrible event happened at the city harbor, also when he was riding his bicycle. There weren’t any evidences in both cases that could somehow explain what has happen, leaving the parents just like that, to wait that one day their sons may possibly come back home.

Amanda and Nicholas are detectives that got the job to work on the most mysterious case in their country – the disappearance of the two brothers. The parents called them because they can’t settle down and accept their destiny but they have chosen to open the case once again.

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