Strain Theory Game

Strain Theory Strain Theory. Criminology and sociology always try to explain what is hidden behind every committed crime. We are taught of what is wrong and what is right ever since very young age and those values are shared during our life. But still there are so many people that decide to do bad instead of good, harming the people around them. Risking to be caught and imprisoned, paying different sentences. There is one theory known as Strain Theory, founded on the knowledge of sociology and criminology that says that actually social structures inside society may force citizens to commit crime.

According to this theory, if a person has needs that differ from the known social structures. That person experiences frictions and pains as he or she looks for ways to satisfy his or her needs. In that sense, further the theory says that people who are somehow outsiders in society suffer a greater social stress. Which could also make them more prone to crime. It is about a very complicated theory since it refers to a very delicate filed of interest but there are many issues that point that the theory might be true.

Our today’s character, which is actually the player (you) is a great detective. That is lately interested and passionately investigates crimes that can be related to Strain Theory. The case that we will be investigating today is at hand that maybe supports this theory. The profile of the criminal seems to support this theory. But we don’t like to act by intuition, let’s investigate first and then make conclusions.

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