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Stolen Identity Stolen Identity. For money or for actually a lot of money, people are ready to do criminal stuffs. Since the mankind exists, there are those who choose the easier way to come to things, by lying, hiding, stealing from others. That is not moral, but it takes courage and guts to do it. Because, as the other decent and honest world, they have to go to bad and sleep tight and calm. The human need of becoming wealthy and affording ‘better future’, no matter what that really means. Pushes some people to go beyond the rules, the laws and find their own usually criminal way to surround things. If one is very good in what he/she does, they might never get caught, but that usually doesn’t happen, because the justice always arrives, maybe a bit late, but still, it comes to us.

Policemen and investigators are having big headaches from those that are very good in such things. But they don’t give up easily. They follow their traces for years until the criminal is behind bars. With such criminal, off course, invented, we invite you today to have some fun and be detective. One person is being hiding from the police for long time now. Today’s game has the goal to enter the trace of this person who is very skillful in hiding and running of the police and detectives.

He is dealing with stealing identities, meaning he is making new identity cards, passports and sells them to other people, strangers and criminals from the whole country. But now, the both detectives have more information on this person. And they are heading toward the small town where their information leads them. During the investigation they are confronted with a lot of burdens, but at the end, as it usually happens in the feature films, they find the identity of the criminal mind very successfully. It’s time for a challenge, isn’t it?

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