State Conspiracy Game

State Conspiracy State Conspiracy. Uh those modern times! It seems that so many secrets related to the humanity and its history are revealed. There is nothing could be that naive as it seems and always there is something more hidden under the surface. It is also like that when it comes about some state secret and conspiracies. It appears that huge plans are made aside from the things that we know, far from the truth that we know.

Beth works in FBI. At the moment she finds herself in a very delicate situation. Her chief has sent her into the White house with aim to research the terrain and see if their doubts are true. The authorities worry that someone in that office, some of the closest assistants of the president, prepares a state impact. If those claims are true, this would be a huge scandal, a real catastrophe!

Beth is sent to work secretly, she has to finish the investigation discretely and undercover, avoiding anyone to discover her. This would be a really responsible mission so let’s help Beth do it right.

State Conspiracy is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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