Sky Miracles Game

Sky Miracles Sky Miracles. Ecology, global warming, pollution, huge snowflakes that don’t melt, those are just few of the questions that rule the public when it comes about living in healthy environment. The truth is that people have passed many boundaries and challenge the nature in so many ways, just to fulfill their aspiring for easier life, or let’s say it – for earning more money, in the worst case! We act like the nature will give us resources eternally, destroying or reorganizing its natural course.

One road is built in a middle of nowhere – OK, nothing changes, then another road is built, then a huge factory rises in the foliage of some field; then the local park is turned into a concrete surface so that some big corporation has a better location… And consequently we start feeling like we can’t breathe, the fruits and vegetables become contaminated so we need to look for organic, the water is not clean enough so we look for bottled water, the weather takes some completely unpredictable ways…

The things that happened in this farm are also related to those occurrences. Meet Joe. He will take you on a tour in the farm where something strange has happened. Today suddenly the sky turned green. The reason for that is unknown yet. Some people say that it might be a weather anomaly while others believe that it could be some earth gas nearby that causes the sky to become green, or simply it is about a pollution that spreads all over the sky. Our job is to investigate the nearby area and search for some clues.

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