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Silent Notes Silent Notes. The death of the famous musician known as Smith was a real tragedy that has shaken all people that have heard about the happening, people who were and who weren’t his fans. Perhaps a natural death won’t be that scary but the fact that it was an actual murder was something that no one could accept just like that.

The police has set Melissa and Larry, two excellent detectives, to run this case that could easily get a huge publicity because Smith was very popular. At the moment of his death, Smith was at his home, working on his last album in his studio. The murderer came there are took the life of the musician, just like that.

At the moment Melissa and Larry in Smith’s house, together with a forensic team and a teal of policemen. They will start the investigation from here; looking for some evidences that will help them find out who was the murderer and discover the reasons why the musician was killed. As always there are assumes that it was someone that was jealous about Smith’s fame, or someone that liked to steal his new works, but also there is a possibility that the criminal didn’t know where is he entering and who is he killing, looking for money or something material… It’s up to Melissa, Larry and their teams to discover who is responsible for this terrible crime that has shaken everyone.

Silent Notes is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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