Shadows on the Wall Game

Shadows on the WallShadows on the Wall. The police are trying their best to solve the great criminal cases but sometimes it may happen truth to quite well hidden. Some criminal minds appear to be even smarter than the police, even than the intelligence, and manage to direct all traces to a wrong direction.

Mark is a journalist that has always wanted to work on solving mysterious cases. 10 years ago he was reporting on a case that was explained by the police as a suicide but all those years he believed that there is something more about this case. Living with certain trill all those years, Mark decided to open this case once again because he found some evidences that possible lead the case into another direction. This time he likes to go until the end and clear things up, discovering the tiny details in this dangerous adventure. After long research Mark has supposedly found out that it was not a suicide but a classical case of a murder.

Mark arrives at the house where the deceased lived, wanting to find even more clues that will prove his thesis. Looking for some traces in the house, Mark suddenly sees a shadow on the wall, even though he believed is alone in the house. Now he realizes that he is in a big trouble so he has to escape from that house right away. Seems like he would need your help to escape from that strange house…

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