Room 305 Game

Room 305 Room 305. There have been many cases solved by Tina and Roy. They are very responsible officers that always like to bring justice. This time they have a new case in front of them. It is about the notoriety hotel named ‘Panorama’. There has been a murder in the hotel three months ago. A famous politician was killed there and the hatchet man responsible for the murder managed to escape very fast. Tina and Roy are exploring the crime scene, looking for new evidences that will help them solve the case. It seems that it is about a real professional because he hasn’t left any clue.

Everything is done so clean and so neat that it seems that it’s not possible to discover its identity. After long investigation, suddenly Tina and Roy come to certain evidences that open a new field for investigation. It seems that there is a connection between the murder and the New York mafia. Seems like this famous politician was somehow related to this mafia and they wanted him dead. Tina and Roy are real professionals and it is quite sure that they will manage to solve the case, no matter how hard it is.

Those new evidences will open new perspectives and new directions where the investigation will go. Let’s see how the investigation is going and try to help those two police officers do their job as good as they can.

Room 305 is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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