Robbery on Eldor Street

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Game Details

Robbery on Eldor StreetRobbery on Eldor Street. ‘Hello officer, there’s been a robbery on Eldor Street, come quick, a lot of things are missing’. That was the call that reported the robbery in one house on Eldor Street and after few minutes the police cars have occupied the place. Collecting some evidences that will help them find the thieves as fast as possible. They search each and every corner in the house, going from one room to another, and then is time to check out the yard and ask the owners of the house and some witnesses if they have some doubts about the possible criminals.

Seems that this would be an easy case to solve because the policemen say that they have enough clues that will lead them to the people that did the crime. For a regular men those few traces does not mean nothing but the officers know their job very well and they know how to link things one to another.It is about another mystery hidden object game that includes 5 interesting levels related to the robbery. In each level you get a list of the missing items, and your job is to find all of them in order to move into the next level, and finally get to the end of the game and solve the complete game.

Robbery on Eldor Street is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.