Robbery Attempt Game

Robbery Attempt Robbery Attempt. The Carlson family lives in a quite peaceful neighborhood and it’s been years since anyone has reported something suspicious happening there. But always there is some exception, and it seems that a group of robbers has been sneaking in Carlson’s house last night, looking for something.

Carlson’s came back home and they realize that someone was there – some objects weren’t on their right place. It was very strange that after careful examining of the house and checking all valuable objects that they have there; they realize that nothing valuable was missing. It might be just a robbery attempt that didn’t have any successes or something else is going on there, who knows what. Maybe the robbers are planning to do something in the future as well so the Carlson’s have to be very careful.

They want to find out who was in their house and who tried to steal something, even if he didn’t manage to do that, so that’s why they report the happening to the police. The police came into the apartment right away and they started to search through the apartment, in order to find certain evidence that could help them in the case. You could also get involved into this case, by helping the police find the hidden objects.

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