Quiet Steps Game

Quiet Steps Quiet Steps. Doris and Mike come from a noble family. Those two live on their grandiose private property where they have a big number of people working there. It is not a whim, the place is huge and two people could take care of it by no means. That’s what there are always many people working there and it is very nice that everything functions just perfect. Also, it has been very safe on that property so far. There weren’t any incidents or so, but last night Doris’s valuable jewelry has suddenly disappeared. No one expected something like this to happen but once it happened, something has to be done as soon as possible.

The owners of the property decided the whole staff to be engaged in the search of the jewelry. Doris and Mike are rather sure that they will manage to solve the case on their own because they know well their staff. They don’t like making too much noise about the whole situation so they didn’t report the case in the police as well. Maybe it will take some time to find out what has happen with the jewelry but they will do their best.

Now you know the whole situation so you could help Doris and Mike find out the one that is responsible for this situation. Follow the traces and soon you will be able to relate things and together with Doris, Mike and their stuff, find the one that stands behind this mysterious case.

Quiet Steps is a free online hidden clues game on Hidden4Fun.

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