Protected Witness Game

Protected Witness Protected Witness. Since we live in a cruel world where the criminal may rise far more than normal, people can find themselves in all kinds of situations, even being a witness of a terrible crime. In this situation the witness may have to explain what he saw to the police so they could clear the case faster but there is a concern that the criminals might take revenge and harm this person easily. That’s why the police offer help, protection of a threatened witness or any person involved in the justice system, as well as defendants and other clients, before, during and after a trial. The witness could only ask for protection until the end of a trial, some witnesses are given a new identity and could live out the rest of their lives under government protection.

This man lives across the house of the brother of the Boston mafia boss. There weren’t any troubles with the neighbors and they lived quite calm there until today when this man saw opening fire to the police, exactly from that house. Because the situation is very delicate, the police have offered the man to be protected witness and tell all the information that he knows about the unpleasant event.

The police enter the house where the fire started using a search warrant with aim to find the weapon that would be main evidence in this case and finally close the case. The witness feels little bit scared but the police guarantees that everything would be all right. Let’s see how could be this case solved.

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