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Paranormal Files – Insomnia House


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Paranormal-Files-Insomnia-HouseParanormal Files – Insomnia House. Well yes, there is such a profession as well – a detective for paranormal activities. Detectives usually explore common crimes, cases of adultery, look for lost things and people and things like that while paranormal happenings are definitely something rarer, but something that exists.

Those people look for some evidences that are not so typical like traces of ghosts or something like that and they are trying to find the connection or ordinary and paranormal activities.

One of those detectives is invited into the house of the rich landed gentleman Arthur. When he comes into Arthur’s house, the first person that he meets there is Arthur’s battler who explains him that his landlord suffers from insomnia for a longer period of time, already few months, and that is becoming worrisome for his health. Namely, the owner of the house claims that every night, under the main stairs of the house, there is some unusual light and there are loud noises of people that that talk to each other. As Arthur explains, he has been trying to enter in that place from where the voices come, but he simply couldn’t do that. The detective will try to find the key from the small room under the stairs and see is actually happening, are there real people or that is just part of Arthur’s imagination. We could go there together, but have in mind that there could be anything under those stairs, even something seriously scary.